Monique Franz is an American novelist, playwright, and teaching artist whose work highlights advocacy for marginalized communities. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University, where she won the Beverly Hiscox and Norris Church Mailer scholarship awards for her literary work.


Monique recently repatriated to the U.S. after 12 years in Hong Kong, where she served in children's work and worked as the Head Performing Arts Mentor of the International Academy of Film and Television (Hong Kong), a post-secondary institution with diploma programs in filmmaking, on-screen acting, and multimedia. During her time overseas, she worked professionally as a writer and theatre director—assisting Telema, an African musical production that raised city-wide awareness and funds for asylum-seekers and refugees.


Her debut novel, a fiction piece, portrays many aspects of her life as a woman of color in the East. Though her work is often serious, Monique includes a witty warmth to open minds and hearts to societal issues addressed. Her most recent work is a series of one-act plays called "The Refuge of a Father" based on the real interviews of people from various walks of life and cultural contexts. 


As an extension of Monique's heart towards marginalized communities, she teaches English Language Arts and creative writing to youth in urban communities. She also facilitates community courses as a Creative Writing Adjunct for Wilkes University. 

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